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Update From The President

Our efforts over 9 months of being a colony paid off on December 16th as we saw 58 new members of Phi Delta Theta sign The Bond. Alabama Beta is hitting the ground running this semester, as we begin operations as a fully established Chapter. We have not slowed down since installation because we do not wish to be the average, but to be the standard that every other fraternity on Auburn’s campus hopes to emulate. We have continued to take advantage of the resources offered to us by General Headquarters and Auburn University. In January, I had the privilege of attending the President’s Leadership Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. While at the conference, I gathered with the President of each chapter of Phi Delta Theta across North America. We were instructed in the best practices of leading the chapter, and coached on how to plan for the future of our chapter, long after we have graduated. Vice President, Zach Davis, attended the Auburn IFC All-Greek summit on January 9th, where leaders from each Greek organization on Auburn’s campus discussed the how to better the Greek community. Brother Davis represented us well, as multiple leaders have mentioned how his input was very valuable in the conversation. Walker McCrary, Risk Manager, andHudson Pugh, Social Chair, have attended multiple events related to Risk Management and are making sure our chapter is safely operating within University policies. Lastly, Brendan Bzdel, Recruitment Chair, along with his committee, visited Georgia Tech and took part in a Southeast Region Recruitment Workshop hosted by General Headquarters. Brendan is beginning to plan summer rush, and the workshop provided insight into how to recruit more high-caliber men to better our Chapter as a whole. Alabama Beta has been working hard to increase our presence in key on-campus organizations. Within IFC, Brother McCrary was selected to the IFC Cabinet as a Co-Director of Risk Management, and I have been selected to serve as a member of the IFC Court. With officer elections coming up in organizations outside of Phi Delta Theta, we will continue to show how our fraternity builds men into “The Greatest Version of Themselves.”


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